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Bendrigg 2024

A group picture of Peeps' families, outside the white building at Bendrigg Trust.

Bendrigg 2024

This time last week we were arriving at The Bendrigg Trust in Kendal, for the second Peeps’ activity weekend.

Despite some mixed weather, a great time was had by all – abseiling, rock climbing, indoor caving, archery, bikes and more! Everything was completely accessible, and the team at Bendrigg knew just what everyone needed to make all activities safe and enjoyable.

Here’s just some of the feedback from families who were there:

“…nothing felt like an effort for the staff, also meeting all the other families and seeing my children making new friends, also seeing my son overcoming being a little scared and loving new activities and seeing my little girl do things you wouldn’t usually be able to try so little. I also loved that we were three generations and all of us could join in everything together.”

Amazing family time with other lovely families”

Inclusion, everything felt welcoming and we loved meeting others. Each member of my family Being able to take part in activities .”

Just a reminder that, despite everything, we really do have a wonderful life.”

Thanks to those who supported the costs of the weekend (Fletchers, The Bruce Wake Charitable Trust and RWK Goodman), making it even more accessible for families to enjoy.

Plans are already under way for Bendrigg 2025!

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