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Rupert’s Story

Rupert’s Story


By Chloë 

We had the birthing pool up, I had my lavender oil out, and I was walking and stomping around hoping Ru would make an appearance soon. We phoned the maternity unit to ask for a midwife but there weren’t any to send so we made our 2nd trip up there and this time we stayed. 

After hours and hours in labour I asked for an epidural so I could get some sleep. And after quite some time of trying to get that in when it was finally placed the machine started to alert. My heart rate was going up, babies was going down. I was given the choice- induction or caesarean. I chose the caesarean. 

Before long we were in theatre and Rupie was out with lots of worried looking faces. A nurse saying he is praying for us. Adam and I didn’t know what was going on. Then Ru went off to SCBU and we were taken back to our room. We later found out he received resuscitation. 

At some point in the early hours of the morning we were told how poorly he was, that he needed to be taken to a NICU and shown photos of him. Adam couldn’t face going to see him on his own. The specialist team arrived to take him to Bristol and we were told we needed a photo with him “just incase”. And off he went. 

Rupert was born on the 10th September 2019 and had wonderful care from St Michael’s in Bristol- and from Dr Chakirapani. He had moderate H.I.E., and meconium aspiration syndrome and received cooling therapy. He was a cheeky little baby and wouldn’t stay sedated even with the medicines they were giving him- he kept peering up at us! 

To this day we are affected by the memories of his birth and the days that followed. Staying away from home, not knowing what the future will be like, learning bits along the way about his birth.
But Rupert is thriving! He’s got the naughtiest sounding giggle, asks some remarkable questions and is by his own words “a Dino expert”. He has lots of friends at nursery, and no signs currently of his H.I.E. He is the sunshine in our lives. In December we will pick out his primary schools ready for September next year. 

And the specialist team were right- we cherish the first photos of us with him in his incubator. Always take the photo!

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