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The best of friends!

The best of friends!


Megan and Emily

Megan (age 11) and Emily (age 9) both suffered HIE during their births. We began chatting in a Facebook group in 2012 and met at a HIE family event in 2013. We quickly realised that we are the same level of crazy and became firm friends; the girls have been the best of friends ever since. We see each other several times a year for fun and adventures, despite us living nearly 200 miles apart; and have regular video calls where the girls entertain each other by using screen filters and effects! Megan says that her favourite activity to do with Emily is going to the beach and Emily loves it when Megan holds her hand and makes her laugh! They enjoy wearing matching pyjamas for sleepovers and have a shared enthusiasm for swimming, books, chocolate, icecream and Disney!

Becky (Emily’s Mum) and Sarah (Megan’s Mum)

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