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Fancy a firewalk?


Fancy a firewalk?

If you’ve already signed up to our Firewalk event in March thank you, it’s so great to have you on board.

If you’re considering it but nervous, have read on. Michelle, one of our lovely Charity Co-Ordinators, shares her experience and gives reassurance that it really is a good idea!

Do you want to help us to raise vital funds doing the shortest sponsored walk ever?

Are you nervous? Is it a crazy idea?

Let me tell you why I did my first firewalk. I have always said I would walk over hot coals to help my little girl, so when the opportunity arose for me to actually do it, I had to put my money where my mouth is.

The thought of it terrified me but I wanted to do something a little different. So I went for it.

Many people tried to talk me out of it, including my brother but I was committed. Scared but committed, with a little excitement thrown in.

The day came and I went into the training room and all my fears were allayed. If I listened and learned, then I knew I would be fine. Plus, the training was fun and included a lot of mind over matter that I still use in my everyday life.

I did have butterflies in my tummy when we went to watch the fire being lit. Well, ok then I’ll be honest I felt sick! But everyone around me felt exactly the same, we were all in it together so I didn’t feel alone.

When the time finally came to walk, we all went back outside and now, all my friends and family were there to cheer me on, including Jessica, my reason for everything. The support from everyone was incredible but more importantly, the belief in me from the Blaze team got me through. 

Big deep breath… I did it! Oh, my goodness, that was amazing! The adrenalin, endorphins and the cheering made me feel on top of the world and I had raised funds for a worthy cause. I felt like I could take on the world… would I ever do it again? Well, yes because I went straight to the back of the queue and did it another 2 times that very night. 

I loved it, it’s addictive and I’m sure you will love it too. 

So, will you join us, and help us to raise money so we can help more families?”

If you’d like to join Michelle and take on the challenge, click here or get in touch to find out more! 

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We're so pleased to welcome Laura to Team Peeps in our brand new role of Volunteer Coordinator.

Peeps is growing & we already have some wonderful volunteers lined up, to help offer more support and reach more families.

Great to have you on board Laura!

Last few tickets remaining!

We are holding a Parent Carer Wellbeing conference on 10th May 9.30-3 at Kentish Town, London NW5, for parents of disabled children.

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