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Our 2022


Our 2022

As we reach the end of our first week back in January, we wanted to take a little time to reflect and focus.

2022 saw another year of growth for our small charity, with a new member joining our lovely team (there are now 4 of us, working flexibly to fit in with life!), helping offer more support to more families.

We always say it, we wish no-one needed us, but HIE happens. We may not have that magic wand to change circumstances, but we can be along side families, giving reassurance that they aren’t on their own.

In addition to the counselling and trauma therapy, the equipment funds, research projects and awareness day, we have also held online sessions and face to face events, bringing our community together, whether virtually or in person, which is so important and gives a sense of belonging.

We have only been able to do what we do thanks to the generosity of our supporters. Whether a £1 donation, or an awarded grant, it all makes a difference and is hugely appreciated.

2023 is about continuing to learn and grow. We have plans, we know we are making a difference, and we’ll always strive to do even more.

Thanks so much for being with us!

All our best wishes,
Team Peeps

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