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Parent feedback after therapy – a Dad shares his experience.


Parent feedback after therapy – a Dad shares his experience.

“Having a child with HIE grade 2 is difficult. It’s one hell of a journey with many challenges at every turn. The emotions are endless as you’re told your child has this condition and then that condition and the reality sets in that this journey, is forever.

Peeps helped us from the very start with their community and information. I was struggling to come to terms with life as a parent of a child with disabilities, confused and angry and then started I started to become detached. Poor concentration and outbursts in work lead to disciplinary action and multiple job changes.

Lack of energy, drive and motivation.  I took time out of work on sickness leave for the first time ever. My doctor said I was depressed…. I wasn’t. I was off work for 3 months with another 3 months extension to my sick leave pending.

During this time Peeps held a free online Trauma based session for parents. It was an educational session about how the brain changes following a traumatic event such as having a child with HIE. It was enlightening and something clicked, and I enquired about another session.

Peeps then offered me the chance to have one to one sessions with a Trauma Therapist which I took with open arms. The therapy sessions helped me enormously, understanding the trauma, being able to talk about feelings and emotions that have been trapped over time, rewind therapy was a tool used in a session and it had me in tears, but I clearly remember skipping out of that session feeling light and free.

The journey of course, continues and is oh so challenging but I’m now journeying with a level of understanding about myself which helps me, my family and my work.

I’d like to offer Peeps something back in the future but right now I’d just like to say thank you.”

If you feel you might benefit from counselling, trauma therapy, or peer support, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can fill out the online form, or email – we’re here for you.


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