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Relationship Officer

Hi, I’m Penny, and I’m the Relationship Officer for Peeps.  I’ve been working in the NHS since I was 16 in various roles, and I’d been working in the NHS as a Pharmacy Technician for 13 years when we had our daughter Jessica in 2016 and started our HIE (level 3) journey.  At the time, Peeps didn’t exist, but they became a lifeline to our family once they were up and running, reminding us that we aren’t alone and offering support when needed.  Since then, we’ve become a family of 4 with the addition of our little boy Benjamin.

I’ve been a full-time carer since we had Jessica, when I saw this amazing opportunity with Peeps, and I’m really excited to be able to use my previous career experience within the NHS, and life experience as a HIE mum, to try to help other HIE families along their journeys.

In my spare time (not that there’s a lot of it), I love baking and cooking, all things Disney and Harry Potter, and we’re National Trust members and use their facilities as much as possible all year round.

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