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Vision & Values

Our vision is that every person in the UK touched by HIE can access appropriate support at any time. We want to raise awareness of HIE and ensure people know what it is and how we can help.

This is done by providing information (such as via parent packs for those in neonatal intensive care units), in leaflet form or on our website and app, signposting to other charities/support groups, organising activities, peer support, funding for equipment, counselling etc.

Our values are:


Everything we do comes from a place of kindness. The world of HIE can be scary and challenging; we want to offer a safe place, where people feel held and supported on their journey.


We are here for anyone touched by HIE. We understand and embrace the fact that people will have different experiences, backgrounds, beliefs and needs. We do not judge or make assumptions and will treat everyone with the same level of respect and consideration.  We will make our offering as accessible as possible, for all who may benefit from it. 


We promote a culture of openness and honesty, where we strive to do the right thing. We admit mistakes if they happen (we’re only human!), but will work hard to put them right. We keep our commitments and remain transparent in all we do. 


We actively try and work with other individuals and organisations, to ensure that all voices are heard, and that the right support can be provided at the right time. We are open to sharing, signposting and supporting where we can. 


We look to find new and better ways of doing things, to improve our offering, lead the way on change, and have a flexible approach to any challenges faced.

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