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Under 1’s Online Drop In Session


Under 1’s Online Drop In Session

A new baby always brings new experiences and challenges. However, at Peeps we understand that experiencing an HIE event brings another level of questions and uncertainty.

Liz and Michelle are running a drop in session on 17th May for parents of 0-12 month olds.

We will be chatting about issues such as sleep patterns, feeding, attending baby groups (online or in person), which professionals/ groups are available to support you and anything else you would like to ask or share. We will be celebrating the successes and supporting you with the challenges.

As always, your little ones are very welcome to join the session as well. We love to see your gorgeous kiddies!

We’re asking you to sign up (click below) but we know plans can change at short notice, so there’s no pressure!

Sign up here


10:30am, 17/05/2022

Sign up here

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New article published on HIE and Multi-Organ Dysfunction. @StanfordNeo @mcgillu @HopeforHIE

Association between multi-organ dysfunction and adverse outcome in infants with hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/35578019/

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