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Episode 4: Peeps in a Podcast – The Loss Mum

 28th February 2024

A painful reality of H.I.E. is that sadly not all babies survive their injury. In this Peeps in a Podcast, Dani, known as The Loss Mum, shares her journey of love and loss, and talks about her precious daughter Olivia Grace. You can listen to the pod ...

Episode 3: Neonatal Speech and Language (SALT) Q&A

 28th February 2024

“I work at the Royal Preston Hospital normally in my day job, and I work on the neonatal unit. They’re helping any of our babies that have any feeding and swallowing problems…I’m doing a full time PhD at the at Newcastle Unive ...

Episode 2: Casey & Alfie’s Story

 1st January 2024

In our second podcast, we talk to Casey, mum to 6 year old Alfie, about their experience of H.I.E. Have a listen here. As always, if you feel you could benefit from a little extra support, or want to chat through anything, please don’t hesitate ...

Episode 1: Introducing “Peeps in a Podcast”

 6th December 2023

Welcome to our very first podcast! Sarah Land, Co-Founder and Charity Manager of Peeps shares a little about her journey, and the reason why she and her husband Steve set up Peeps. You can have a listen by clicking here. ...

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