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A lady in a red cardigan wearing a necklace. Her is in a bob with a fringe and she is smiling at the camera.

Erika Lucas


Hello, I’m Erika and I’m delighted to be joining Peeps as a trustee.

I am nanny to beautiful baby Arthur, who was born in Feb 2023 to my eldest son Jack and his partner Christina. We are early in our HIE (level 3) journey, but Peeps has already been an enormous support to my family as they have navigated challenging and bewildering times.

My professional life is in communications – as a writer/editor, PR consultant and facilitator.  I work part-time for a business school and also run my own independent consultancy.   I hope I will be able to put this experience to good use on the Board of Trustees, and am excited to be involved with a growing charity that does such fantastic work!

Outside of work, I enjoy music, theatre and art, and in my spare time can usually be found curled up with a good book or scouring the charity shops for vintage jewellery.

Mum Jen is holding her daughter Ada as she smiles at the camera. Jen has blonde hair and is wearing a turquoise t-shirt with the Peeps logo volunteer on. Ada is wearing white baby grow.

Jenny Clough

Hi, I’m Jenny, I work from home in Human Resources for a global manufacturing firm, and mum to Ada born in November 2021 who suffered a severe H.I.E event at birth.  We live in South Yorkshire with Ada’s Daddy, Alastair who is an Engineer, and our cat Leo.
We found Peeps by accident after Alastair was informed about them at work, and since then we have never looked back. Peeps have been the lifeline we never knew we needed.
I feel my background in HR, and trustee experience in a previous role will give me the skills I need to support Peeps as a trustee.  Alongside this I am also a Peer Support Volunteer and a Community Connect Volunteer.
When I can squeeze in the time for hobbies, I enjoy baking.  Iced sugar biscuits is my new venture, I’m sure there will be opportunities to try them at local meets at some point, i really need to hand them out more instead of eating them!
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Martin Bell


Hi, I am Martin. I am an experienced residential and disability RIBA Architect, proudly serving as the Managing Director of my practice for the last 19 years, and I have a profound love for all things architecture.

The transformative power of design inspires me, and I firmly believe in creating inclusive spaces that enhance the lives of individuals, especially those in need.

I have honed my leadership skills and cultivated a keen understanding of the intricate balance between functionality and aesthetics, and I am committed to utilising my knowledge and creativity to make a positive impact on the lives of others.

Outside the realm of architecture, I find joy in exploring innovative design concepts, staying updated with architectural trends, and spending time with my family.

I am excited to be part of the Peeps’ community as a Trustee.

Headshot of Sarah who is wearing glasses and a blue t-shirt with the Peeps' logo on. Sarah is smiling.

Sarah Land

Co-Founder & Charity Manager

Sarah is the Co-Founder and Charity Manager at Peeps, and mum to Heidi.

Along with her husband Steve (and thanks to the support of friends and family) she set up the charity to support others affected by HIE (Hypoxic-Ischaemic Encephalopathy). The name “Peeps” actually comes from a nickname a friend gave Heidi when she was a baby, “Heidi-Peeps”. Sarah wanted a friendly feel to the charity name, and a link to Heidi, the driving force behind everything she does.

In any spare time she has, Sarah likes to blog (you can read her HIE journey here) and dream about how she would spend a lottery win (apparently the list is already quite long!).

A headshot of Liz next to a Peeps poster. She is wearing a mint green hoodie that has the Peeps' logo on.


Grants & Fundraising Officer

Hi, I’m Liz. I started out as Charity Coordinator at Peeps in 2021 and have recently moved from my role as Grants & Fundraising Officer to look after the Family Inclusion & Support Worker role, following Anne’s retirement.

I was a secondary school teacher for 12 years including the roles of Head of Department and Head of Year, before leaving to become full time mum / carer to my beautiful daughter Neve.

Neve was born in 2012 and was quickly diagnosed with several serious neurological, physical and developmental conditions including Microcephaly, West Syndrome (which later developed into Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome), stage 5 cerebral palsy, GDD & hypotonia.

My journey with Neve has brought us into contact with some amazing children, families and organisations – including Peeps!

I also have an incredible son who has brought a wonderful and new dynamic to our family, but has also allowed me to understand better the challenges faced by the siblings of SEND children and just how heroic they are in their own right.

I enjoy putting all my professional and personal experience into supporting and growing the Peeps’ vision and passion for helping children with HIE and their families.  As well as working closely with NICU staff and other key professionals in the NHS and care sector.

A lady with long blonde hair wearing a lilac t-shirt with the Peeps' logo on. She is smiling. The background shows grass and blue skies.


Volunteer Coordinator

Hi, I’m Laura. I live in Derbyshire and have been supporting volunteers for over 7 years, since graduating from university with a degree in Health and Social Well-being. I’m delighted to be part of the team at Peeps and get involved with all the exciting things my role brings.

After a long time wondering which path to take in life, I feel supporting volunteers at Peeps is really what I was made to do.

In my spare time I love to explore as much of the world as possible, from feeding kangaroos in Australia to crossing the Artic Circle in Lapland. I’m always looking for the next adventure and hope to see as much as I can, one country at a time!

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Administration Assistant

A mum of 2 boys, I enjoy spending time outdoors with my nature loving family. I am originally from Yorkshire (always a Yorkshire girl at heart!) but have lived in Tameside for almost 20 years.

I enjoy being adventurous and trying new things, I have had a few “adrenaline” experiences, but I also love being snuggled up at home and cooking for my family.

My work background is varied, but a common thread is that have always enjoyed working with people, and had a keen interest in any work that offer me the opportunity to make a positive impact; however small.

I’m thrilled to be part of the Peeps team, I know the work they do here is absolutely vital and I hope to be able to bring a positive contribution to the team, and all the families we work with.


A headshot of a lady with long hair wearing glasses and smiling at the camera.


Relationship Officer

Hi, I’m Penny, and I’m the Relationship Officer for Peeps.  I’ve been working in the NHS since I was 16 in various roles, and I’d been working in the NHS as a Pharmacy Technician for 13 years when we had our daughter Jessica in 2016 and started our HIE (level 3) journey.  At the time, Peeps didn’t exist, but they became a lifeline to our family once they were up and running, reminding us that we aren’t alone and offering support when needed.  Since then, we’ve become a family of 4 with the addition of our little boy Benjamin.

I’ve been a full-time carer since we had Jessica, when I saw this amazing opportunity with Peeps, and I’m really excited to be able to use my previous career experience within the NHS, and life experience as a HIE mum, to try to help other HIE families along their journeys.

In my spare time (not that there’s a lot of it), I love baking and cooking, all things Disney and Harry Potter, and we’re National Trust members and use their facilities as much as possible all year round.

Steve Land

Co-Founder & Trustee

By day, Steve is a Commercial Insurance Broker – he is also Dad to Heidi, cycling enthusiast (when he finds the time), and always up for a crazy new challenge or two. Since having Heidi, he has taken part in several fundraising events for causes close to the family’s heart – the most impressive and gruelling one being the Land’s End to John O’Groats bike ride in 2017…960miles, 9 days on the saddle…ouch!

Headshot of Jen Cawthorne, who is wearing a pink hoodie top and smiling.

Jen Cawthorne

Chair of Trustees

This is Jen!

Jen works in Manchester as a solicitor and specialises in child brain injury work. She has worked with families affected by HIE for many years.
In her spare time, she can often be found climbing mountains or planning crazy challenging trips abroad. In 2019 she climbed Mount Toubkal in Morocco to raise money for Peeps. Most recently she climbed Kilimanjaro and despite the altitude sickness she is planning to head back to altitude again in 2021 for another trekking challenge.
Welcome to the team Jen – your adventures sound exhausting but we’ll be cheering you on!

Lady with young daughter

Hannah Walker


Hannah joined our team of Trustees in May 2020 – here’s a little more from her:

“Hi, I’m Hannah. I’m very fortunate to currently be a stay-at-home mum to my two beautiful children Ethan our eldest and Evelyn our youngest. I’m married to Mike who works in Marketing.

Our first encounter with Peeps was in 2019 when Evelyn was born, she’s grade 1 HIE and very quickly after her birth our world collided with this incredible charity. A collision amidst adversity we were incredibly thankful for.
Having spent the last 15 years prior to the birth of my eldest child (now aged three) working in the third sector I feel I have a vast range of knowledge and experience that I can draw upon as a trustee to support the Peeps vision, team and legal position as a Registered Charity.

Aside from being ‘Mum’ I love to bake, in fact there have been some cake sales with proceeds raised going to Peeps, I’m sure they’ll be room for more of those alongside the charity governance. I’m looking forward to meeting you, and hearing your story over a piece of cake one day.”

Sue Moore


I’m Sue and am pleased to have been appointed as a Trustee for Peeps.

I retired following a fulfilling career as a Neonatal nurse (which included caring for Heidi, the little lady behind all of this, for a short while) and would like to use the skills and knowledge gained during my career to support and further the work and ethos of Peeps.

I am particularly keen to be able to work with health care professionals to raise awareness of the purpose of the charity in all stages of a family’s journey through the maze of health and social care.

My interests are fairly sedate, I enjoy gardening, knitting and sewing and am relishing my retirement.

Dr Ela Chakkarapani


Dr Ela Chakkarapani is a consultant neonatologist at St Michael’s Hospital, Bristol, and a senior lecturer in neonatal neuroscience at the University of Bristol.

He has been undertaking research in the field of Hypoxic-Ischaemic Encephalopathy (HIE) since 2006. He has been involved in developing interventions to reduce brain injury following HIE, understanding brain development following cooling for HIE, and developing interventions that will improve parent-infant bonding in families with babies who were cooled for HIE.

He looks after families and children who had HIE in his clinic and is looking forward to contributing to the Peeps’ community as a Trustee.

Hannah Adams


Hi, I’m Hannah and I’m a solicitor in Special Educational Needs and Disability law, acting for families in securing the correct special educational, health and social care provision to meet the needs of children and young people with SEND. I have both personal and professional experience with the SEN tribunal and statutory process and enjoy working closely with parents, case workers and young people to secure the best outcomes for families.

I am a mother of three children, my eldest son having been born 8 weeks premature due to his complex medical needs, we were introduced to the world of Neonatal Intensive Care even before he had arrived!O ur son has a number of SEN and disabilities diagnosed arising from his pre-birth and antenatal health difficulties and received his first EHCP when he was 4. We have encountered deceleration within mainstream, transition from mainstream to specialist and between specialist settings since then and this has given me a unique understanding of the demands of traversing the SEN system as a parent as well as my professional expertise.

A few years after my son was born my closest friend delivered her son (my godson). He experienced a severe HIE event at birth and they were suddenly tipped into the world of NICU as he underwent the cooling procedure. I was back in NICU supporting my friends in the aftermath of what had promised to be an entirely normal delivery. Subsequently we all began a new journey with my godson in learning about HIE and the impact of this has been complex, long- lasting and inspiring. In many ways similar to the experiences that we had already been through with our own miracle babe and I am so proud to have been involved in fighting for both these wonderful special boys.

As a result of my own experiences, I feel passionate about ensuring early support for families with children who have been neurologically compromised and I am really excited to work with Peeps to develop their offering.


Jade & Christian

We’re super proud to say our Ambassadors are Jade and Christian from Sign Along With Us.

Christian experienced a HIE event at birth, but despite the challenges, he has exceeded all expectations – communicating, walking and being the smiliest boy you could meet!

Jade taught Christian sign language from an early age, to help him communicate, and started to share this with others. Sign Along With Us was formed, and you may just recognise them as David Walliams’ Golden Buzzer winners from Britain’s Got Talent!

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