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Resources & Downloads

If you would like printed copies, alternative languages, formats, or help completing any of the information available, please get in touch. 


Maternity – I’ve #HeardOfHIE sticker

H.I.E and my pregnancy

A downloadable / editable template to help explain to antenatal / maternity settings about your previous experience of H.I.E. and the support you need. You can update with your own info, and print or share by clicking here.

The Early Days

H.I.E. Information and Support – General Leaflet

Parent/Carer Leaflet – for families in Neonatal Units

Plain Text Leaflet (no graphics)

Cooling Therapy Information (also known as Therapeutic Hypothermia)

Poster for Neonatal Units

Information leaflet – Arabic Translation

Information Leaflet – Bengali Translation

Information Leaflet – Czech Translation

Information Leaflet – Chinese Translation

Information Leaflet – Gujarati Translation

Information Leaflet – Hindi Translation

Information Leaflet – Hungarian Translation 

Information Leaflet – Polish Translation

Information Leaflet – Russian Translation 

Information Leaflet – Ukrainian Translation

Information Leaflet – Urdu Translation

A little bit about me… A quick info sheet that you can fill in, to save having to repeat things at appointments/hospital visits.

Starting Nursery / School 

H.I.E. and Me – Information Sheet

A downloadable / editable template to help explain to nursery / school settings a little bit about HIE and what to look out for. You can update with your own info, and print or share by clicking here.

Fundraising toolkit

Sponsorship Form

H.I.E. Awareness Day (4th April) #HeardOfHIE

Email banner

Colour in #HeardOfHIE

I’ve #HeardofHIE because…

My HIEro

We’ve #HeardofHIE because…

Our HIEro

In loving memory

Have you #HeardofHIE

From our Legal Panel 

Understanding funding options of legal action

Getting answers

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