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Since we began…


Since we began…

Since we began….
Over £400,000 has been received in donations and grants – we’re a small charity and this is huge. Every single £ means so much, and is carefully spent to offer the best support possible for anyone touched by H.I.E.
– We’ve sent out 1382 free parent packs to families, neonatal units and hospices for those at the start of their H.I.E. journey.
116 equipment requests have been funded (needs not means tested!), helping children enjoy activities with their families that may not otherwise have been possible.
– We’ve funded over 1000 counselling / therapy sessions for parents, grandparents and siblings – mental health can really be affected by an H.I.E. event but help is out there and things can feel better.
And welcomed 570 parents via our referral process, with more tapping in to our website, app and social media channels.

Here’s to doing even more in the next 5 years!

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