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Bendrigg Trust – Activity Weekend


Bendrigg Trust – Activity Weekend

We’re so excited to share our plans for a visit to Bendrigg Trust. They provide fully Accessible, all inclusive activity breaks for schools, groups, families and adults with disabilities and additional needs.

We’ve heard wonderful things about it from some of our families, and can’t wait to visit later this year.

Please click the “apply here” button if you would like to attend the Peeps’ weekend at Bendrigg Trust (Bendrigg Lodge, Old Hutton, Kendal LA8 0NR).

The closing date for this round of applications is 19th May 2023, and we will notify everyone of the decision by the 26th May.

It is a 2 night stay from Friday 29th September at 4pm to Sunday 1st October at 2pm.
The cost includes accommodation, food and activities (9.30am to 9pm if you wish!).
The price is £120 per person and £80 per child for the weekend. We are currently looking at further funding towards this weekend (we have had sponsorship from Bendrigg and donation from CLMedilaw so far), to bring the cost down for all families.
As soon as we hear if any further contributions come in we will let you know, however this price is the maximum anyone would be asked to pay.
We understand that the cost may be a barrier for some families. If this is the case please complete the relevant question below and we will look to support.

If it would be helpful to have this information in a different language or format please let us know.

Apply here


4:00pm, 29/09/2023 - 2:00pm, 01/10/2023

Apply here

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