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£10,000 for HIE Mental Health Support – thank you!


£10,000 for HIE Mental Health Support – thank you!

We’d like to start the week off by saying a great big THANK YOU to The National Lottery Community Fund (@TNLCommunityFund), for awarding Peeps with a £10,000 grant for HIE Mental Health Support.

Over the past 12 months, we have funded over 300 hours of professional counselling and trauma therapy. This was only possible thanks to supporters such as The National Lottery Community Fund

The impact this can have for our families is huge. They can receive the support quickly (sometimes having the first appointment booked within 24 hours of making contact!) and in a way that suits them. We offer face to face sessions, as well as online or telephone, and always at a time that fits in with family/carer commitments. 

To know that we have this additional fund is amazing. We can reach even more families, and let people know they aren’t on their own..

Thank you National Lottery Players for helping make this happen!

If you have been touched by HIE and feel you may benefit from some mental health support, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. There’ll always be a kind ear waiting for you.


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