Stay super-active this winter & fundraise
from the convenience of your own neighbourhood!

Your mission: At Home Winter Wonderwheels, 19 Nov – 4 Dec 2022

As official Charity Friends of the Superhero Series – the UK’s one & only disability sports series –we’re putting a call out to our own community of Superheroes & Sidekicks to join our super fundraising teams! Get those masks & capes ready! We have free places available so please get in touch if you’d like one!

Why this event is so super!

For this super-fun & flexible mission, people with disabilities – AKA Superheroes – call the shots. You set your own super distance & can use all kinds of ‘gadgets & gismos’ to complete your chosen mission, from day & powerchairs to adaptive bikes & trikes, trampolines, roller skates, Super Senses & more! Whatever suits your own unique superpowers best!

Plus, Superheroes can team up with Sidekick family & friends to share the work & the fun! You can complete your challenge wherever you like over one day, a few days, or use the whole two weeks! The choice is yours.

Staying super-connected & super-motivated

Everyone who enters this super mission will be put into a virtual SUPER TEAM, made up of a legion of Superheroes & Sidekicks from far & wide, all working together towards a common goal. You’ll be sent a link to your unique ‘log your super distance’ webpage where you can enter any distances you clock up over the two weeks & watch your SUPER TEAM’S progress on a Super World Map!

Using your super senses

If you prefer to use your Super Senses to complete your challenge – from touch & taste to using your super sniffing skills – head to www.superheroseries.co.uk/super-sensory for some super ideas, or feel free to create your own. Then simply convert each correct sensory challenge into 1km towards your super goal!

Who can enter

Anyone can join the fun. All we ask is that each solo participant or at least one team member considers themselves to have a disability (of any kind).

Super Race Packs

For all your super work, each participant will receive a Super Race Pack in the post before the mission begins, including a medal, T-shirt & finish line tape for those celebratory finish-line moments! Don’t forget to don your capes & capture your missions to share with our super community!

For more on this & other Superhero Series missions visit: www.superheroseries.co.uk

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