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Christmas Poem


Christmas Poem

Christmas is fast approaching and whilst it can be a lovely time for those who celebrate it, there can be lots of other emotions too.

Michelle, Charity CoOrdinator, has written this poem and shares some of her thoughts around the festive period.

Christmas Poem
Running up to Christmas time and everyone is full of cheer,
But we know for some families that it’s a hard time of year.
Children should be excited, decorating the Christmas tree,
But sometimes for our parents it heightens the ‘why me?’.


We love our warriors for fighting to be the children they’ve become,
From the start they had in their life, the battle is already won.
It doesn’t make it easier at special times like this,
In fact, if anything it can highlight what we miss.


Kiddies making Christmas lists and wondering what they’ll get,
We know whatever Santa brings that their dreams will be met.
But it’s not how we imagined parenthood to be,
We wanted handmade paper chains and them eating chocolate on our knee.


But what we share between us is a love that’s pure,
It can’t be bought or sold but it’s the best gift for sure,
So, as you cuddle up for Christmas time this year.
Remember if you need support, Peeps is always here.
                                                                   Michelle @Peeps


We’re here for you at any time, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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