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Heidi’s Headgear Challenge – 15th Feb to 15th March – are you in?


Heidi’s Headgear Challenge – 15th Feb to 15th March – are you in?

Some of you may know Heidi, or have heard a little about her. If not, she’s the driving force behind Peeps! Her mum and dad, Sarah & Steve, set up Peeps after Heidi (affectionately called Heidi-Peeps by a friend) experienced an HIE event just after she was born in 2015. They felt there was a gap in dedicated support so wanted to try and make a difference. 

Heidi turns 7 next month which is exciting, especially considering the more than rocky start she had to life. 

Birthdays can be emotional when there has been a traumatic time, but we want to celebrate all we can, and would love you to join in!

Heidi is a big fan of headgear (as well as Strictly Come Dancing!), and gives some big smiles when she has a hat on (her current favourite is a pirate one, arrrrr!). We thought we could spread those smiles, and invite as many people as possible to be part of a headgear challenge. 

It’s really easy, you don’t have to train (hurrah!), and everyone can get involved. 

Whether you style out a sombrero, pop on a pirate hat or get creative with a crown, it’s entirely up to you. Anything goes! You’ve until the 15th March, Heidi’s birthday, so plenty of time to get your thinking caps on (see what we did there?).

All you need to do is:

  • Don your headgear of choice
  • Take a pic* (we’d love to see your fabulous faces but if you’d rather just show your headgear, that’s of course fine too)
  • Share to the Peeps social media (@PeepsHIE) using #HeidisHeadgear
  • Tag some friends (7 would be brilliant in honour of the birthday number!)
  • Make a small donation (if you can).

Suggested wording for you post would be:

I’m taking part in #HeidisHeadgear challenge, raising funds and awareness for Peeps HIE charity. Fancy joining me? Just pop on a hat, snap a pic, and donate £1 (if you can). Copy this post and tag your friends too!

Donations can be made via the donate button on our website: https://www.peeps-hie.org or via text. 

Text HEADGEAR followed by your donation amount to 70470 to give that amount. 

Texts will cost the donation amount plus one standard network rate message, and you’ll be opting into hearing more from us. If you would like to donate but don’t wish to hear more from us, please text HEADGEARNOINFO instead.

You can also donate directly to Peeps via our Facebook page or by adding a donate button to your post. Don’t forget to add Gift Aid too!

All money raised will be carefully used, to offer support to families across the UK who have been touched by HIE. 

Thank you!


*By sharing your picture/s you are giving permission for them to be used by Peeps to raise awareness of this event. If you would rather opt out, send by email, or have any questions, please contact us at info@peeps-hie.org


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