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HIE Awareness Day – 4th April


HIE Awareness Day – 4th April

6 weeks until our HIE Awareness Day – it may sound like it’s a way off, but we have a feeling it will fly round!

We’ll soon be sharing details with you, but rest assured taking part is going to be really easy, and something everyone can get involved with.

So that we can get info to you in the easiest way possible, and make sure its relevant (so for families, workplaces, schools etc.) please take a moment to fill out the quick form: https://forms.gle/1jZdWQDypacgWbG5A

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‘We need to care for the carers.’ Looking after yourself isn’t a luxury - it’s a necessity.

I share advice, tips and strategies from other parent carers, based on their lived experience, as well as research and psychology.

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64 MPs have agreed to hear directly from parent carers at our Friday parliamentary event on the impact of the pandemic. As parents are busy preparing their speeches, can you retweet this and get more MPs to come and support the campaign?

Invite your MP: https://t.co/g4xLIKUqV7

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