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Therapeutic Cooling


Therapeutic Cooling

What’s cooling? Therapeutic cooling is also sometimes called hypothermia treatment. Cooling is a well established, standard treatment for babies over 36 weeks who have experienced moderate to severe HIE. The baby’s temperature is lowered to 33.5 degrees (from 37 degrees). It is done by using a special cooling mattress or cooling wrap. The mattress or wrap are filled with liquid, so the temperature can be adjusted as needed.
How is the baby’s temperature measured?
A rectal thermometer is used. This is a probe placed inside the baby’s bottom.
When does cooling happen? Cooling treatment starts as soon as possible, and generally within the first 6 hours of the HIE event happening.
How long are babies cooled for? Usually cooling treatment takes place over 72 hours. After this time, the baby is gradually rewarmed, over several hours, back to normal body temperature.
Does cooling cure HIE? Cooling is to limit the extent of injury that may have occurred. Whilst it can’t reverse any injury that has occurred, it can limit further injury.

Please speak to your healthcare professional for more information, and any specific questions you have for your baby if they are receiving cooling treatment.

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