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Our Coffee Pot is up and running!

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Our Coffee Pot is up and running!

Many H.I.E. families will know just how hard a lengthy or sudden hospital stay can be. Worrying about your child and helping them get better is priority, and it can feel incredibly lonely as the world outside carries on as usual.

Our “coffee pot” is a fund set up from a parent’s suggestion, so that contributions can be made to buy a brew for a fellow parent who is in hospital. (Peeps will facilitate this by buying a voucher from the fund, for a suitable coffee shop/retailer, depending on what is in or near the hospital).

A drink and a piece of cake can go a long way to letting people know they aren’t on their own.

You can donate to the Coffee Pot online here – any contribution, no matter how small or big, is hugely appreciated and will really make a different to a family. Huge thanks to everyone who has kindly donated so far, it’s been lovely to see all the support and messaged.

If you are an H.I.E. family currently in hospital, or know a family who is and would like to nominate them, you can access the “pot” by completing this short form

Any questions, or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Sending all our best wishes,

The team at Peeps.

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