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Up, up and away!


Up, up and away!

Can you believe that we’re getting ready to celebrate our 4th birthday here at Peeps!

We’ll be sharing more with you over the coming weeks as to how you can get involved (as always, there are super easy options!), but wanted to let you know that after the success of last year, we’re holding another virtual balloon race.

The balloons will launch on the 9th August, our birthday. (It’s all online, so no actual balloons are used, which we know can be harmful for the environment). They will race for 5 days – we’ll be tracking their progress and cheering them on.

Balloons cost £2 each, and there’s £50 for the winner! All proceeds go directly to Peeps, and the prize money has been donated, so won’t be deducted from the total amount.

To take part,simply click this link.

Good luck!

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