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We’re here to help…


We’re here to help…

Since the start of the year Peeps has arranged and funded over 70 counselling / therapy sessions for mums and dads of our HIE families.

Things may not always be easy, but with the right support and help, things can get better.

If you’re having a difficult time, whether it’s relationship struggles, financial worries, triggers around the time of year, the impact of Covid, or anything else, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Indie-Mae is today's #spoonsfamilytakeover she was born at term & experienced #HIE a brain injury involving lack of oxygen to the brain. She was cooled & spent 2 weeks @NICU_Oldham_NHS after transfer from @TeamNORTH_WCs https://t.co/8yeZ1B3Bv5

Welcome news ......this is now a priority for NHS England and will form continuing care for mothers and their families. Collaboration of teams & services is key @LeosNeonatal @LdnNeonatal @Blisscharity @cbukhelp @paulaabramson3 @SandsUK @APPGBabyLoss @WhoseShoes @survivingpreemi https://t.co/8H7GZ1owvD

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