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Your voice matters


Your voice matters

Here at Peeps we always try and make sure that the parent voice is heard – our journeys, backgrounds, and feelings can all vary so much, and all are important.

We’ve been invited to take part in some training sessions with healthcare professionals and we’d love to include your voice.

Can you help, either by sending short video or a written quote, if you have received one of our Parent Packs – when did you get it, was this the right time, what did it mean to you, what would you like neonatal teams to know for example? (Of course if we could be doing things better, then let us know too!).

Please email, or message/WhatsApp 07838 197 945. By sharing your videos/quotes you’re giving Peeps permission to use in future training sessions – if you change your mind you can contact us and we will update.

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